Broadbill Forest Camp, Uganda

I have to admit to having a soft spot for Broadbill Forest Camp. I first visited the site when it was in the very early stages of construction and was delighted to return in 2018 when it was a well established and busy little camp.

Emmy Gongo, the owner and creator of Broadbill has been a guide for my friends and myself for many years and I've been lucky enough to spend time with him on three different trips to Africa. He has built this camp from a small patch of farm land into a thriving business that provides accommodation to many visitors.

The camp consists of a series of tented rooms, each with an en-suite bathroom and a spectacular view across the valley to the forest of Bwindi. The grounds are densely planted with flowers, fruits and vegetables and are full of birds and other wildlife. It's not impossible to find a troop of gorillas coming into the garden for some celery from time to time.

The service is good and meals are well prepared and varied, all made with good local ingredients wherever possible.

As a location for gorilla trekking it provides easy access to the nearby Ruhija centre and also offers a great location to use when exploring the other highlights of the Bwindi Forest.

I think you have to like the rustic charm, and the access to your tents can involve some steep steps, but overall the place is a solid eight out of ten and one that I can recommend to anyone wanting to explore the Bwindi area.

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