Finding 400

I'm delighted to announce that my book - Finding 400 & Beyond - is finally published and available for order. It should be appearing on the general book list with booksellers worldwide in due course, but is already available for purchase at

There are three versions, Standard, Illustrated and Ebook. I've tried to manage pricing as well as possible, but clearly printing has costs associated with it and this is the main reason for having a version without the illustrations. There are links to the direct purchase pages for each version below.

Finding 400 & Beyond

The ebook version is available in EPUB and Kindle. It should be on Amazon if you search this ISBN: 978-1-716-73175-4, but is also available on Lulu at this link.

Finding 400 & Beyond - Ebook

Finding 400 & Beyond

The text-only paperback is 210 pages and a great way to get a copy of the book at a reasonable price. It is available at the link below, or you can search the ISBN: 978-1-716-77312-9 worldwide.

Finding 400 & Beyond - Illustrated

The illustrated version of the book contains more than 100 photos taken by the author during his adventures. It is produced on a premium paper and the book is 320 pages. It is available at the link below, or by searching for the ISBN: 978-1-716-92369-2 worldwide.

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