Monday 27 March 2023

Paperback Now Available

The second, and now final proof for the paperback version of my 2023 Tanzania Safari book has arrived and been thoroughly checked. Everything seems to be in order, so I am happy to announce that it is now available. Initially, it will only be visible on, but I've pushed the button for global distribution which means it should soon be available to purchase through your favourite bookstore - online or high-street - anywhere in the world.

The paperback book cover

It is 78 pages and contains dozens of black & white photos taken during the safari. I'm ordering a bunch to give to friends and family, so you may get lucky.

Wednesday 15 March 2023

Coffee Table Book Now Available

I've just received the second proof copy of To Endure is To Enjoy? and I'm now happy that I've squashed all the text errors and fixed the cover photo.

As always, these big (13" x 11") coffee-table sized books are expensive and I don't ever expect to sell many - if any - of them. I have ordered a couple for customers already, and managed to take advantage of a good discount coupon for them. have been much slower with the first proof for the paperback. I'll keep everyone posted if as that gets sorted over the next few weeks.

Thursday 9 March 2023

Such a Long Time

 It's been so long since I had anything to say about publishing that I'd almost forgotten that the Pride Pride website even exists. It is nice to get back from another adventure and to finally have new words and pictures to put into print.

First up is the cover for the latest coffee-table book that details my recent trip to Tanzania. It is in final draft at the moment and the copy should be with me in a few days to check over. As you can see from the front cover, the leopard sighting was truly spectacular.

This time around, there is going to be a proper published paperback. The paperback has the same text as the coffee-table book, just a different selection of photos and those being in black & white. I'm waiting for the first proof to arrive, but the second draft is ready to go once that arrives and this one will, as usual be published and available online globally through lulu and global distribution.