Here's as good a place as any to drop the details about my novels as I write and publish them. There will always be posts in the main blog, but the actual links to the amazon pages will be here.

Out of My Shell

Alan is fast approaching forty and feels that he is stuck in a rut. He’s never been in love and never had a partner. Shyness and anxiety have plagued his life, making him feel that relationships are for others.

When Paul, a young man just leaving school to start out in life asks Alan for some help, a gateway to the possibility of friendship is opened.

Slowly Paul breaks the shells that limit Alan’s life and something more than friendship rises from the shattered fragments.

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Hard Wired For Love

Nick knows that he’s gay, but he’s also probably aromantic and none of it seems to matter. As he prepares to celebrate the end of school and receive his Nexima implant, he hopes that upcoming therapy can help cure his crippling anxiety problems.

Struggling to focus at his graduation party, a cute guy is suddenly offering to join him. In Peter’s company, Nick feels calmer and more comfortable than he ever has before.

Can Nick find a better state of mind, find love and find a job? What about the AI systems that regulate so much of modern life? What do they have to do with all of this?

Futuristic technology and blossoming sexuality merge together in a gentle tale of slow-growing love and graphic physicality.

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All at Sea

Adam has just moved to a new apartment, just broken up with his boyfriend and just about had enough. When his Mum books a cruise for him to get away from it all and enjoy some photography time alone, he almost says no to the offer.

When she tells him it’s too late to get a refund, he reluctantly agrees to spend a week cruising the Scottish Islands. When he is asked if he minds sharing a table with another single guest at dinner, he meets Evan, an up-and coming YouTube travel vlogger on a working holiday.

Well, there’s no harm in spending time with another guest for a week, is there?

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Another Horizon

Being descended from an historical figure who made it possible for you to live where you do shouldn’t feel like a burden.

Normally when you leave school, the Employment Management AI gives you a sensible list of work opportunities and you pick the one you like best. There is always more than one option and you can always just go your own way.

Once, 300 years ago, someone was given only a single choice and now, on a distant outpost of human expansion a young man is once again given just a single path to follow.

Sometimes, however, history seems to want to repeat itself and place an unknown burden on young shoulders. What does the unfathomable power of the planetary Artificial Intelligence see in Aidan Quilliam's future?

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