Travel Books

At the very end of 2023, I found myself looking critically at my bookshelf. I had just been told that we were greenlighting our tenth trip to Africa and it made me rethink how I documented these travels. Over the years I had made a large-format coffee-table style book after each trip, but these are becoming increasingly expensive. Even the smallest of them is about £100.

Having had considerable success with using Amazon's direct publishing system to produce the small-format paperback of To Endure is to Enjoy?, I was ready to take a look at the quality of their colour printing and see what I could come up with.

The result is a series of ten paperbacks in 8"x10" format. They are direct re-creations of the original 13"x11" hard-backed versions, but completely redesigned to fit this different layout and the restrictions of Amazon's processes. When I started to do this, I didn't really stop to think about just how much work this would involve and the process has been long and complex.

So, ten volumes is a lot. That's 1846 pages in total, every one being redesigned and remade to this new size and shape. Prices now range from £20 to £42, depending on the number of pages in a particular volume. They are available on demand from Amazon - HERE - or directly from the author if you want a signed copy.