Lake Mulehe Gorilla Lodge, Uganda

I've always felt that the views of the Virunga Volcanoes from anywhere south of Bwindi in Uganda are some of the most spectacular in the world, but the view from Lake Mulehe has to be the best of them all.

That spectacular combination of the cloud-capped cones, the smoke and steam from Mt. Nyiragongo and the mirror-flat calm of the lake surrounded by the verdant green fields and forests make an almost perfect backdrop for any visitor.

If the location has any downside, it is the steepness of the  paths between the comfortable bungalows and the dining room / bar. For a lowland traveller, there are steep steps at altitude and you might just have to take your time.

The lodge offers cold beer, good food and the bungalows are spacious, comfortable and well-maintained. The lodge is close enough to Nkuringo to make gorilla-tracking quite feasible, with a drive of about an hour to get to the Wildlife Service offices.

Maybe not quite as luxurious or convenient as some other locations, but taking the view into account makes this one a solid 8.5 out of 10.

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