Mikumi Safari Lodge, Mikumi, Tanzania


Mikumi Safari Lodge is quiet and secluded, situated about 7 kilometres from the main road to the south-west of the National Park. It is surrounded by forest, with views of the distant hills over the tree-tops from the dining room.

The bungalows are large and comfortable, with good bathrooms, hot showers and well-kept mosquito nets. Ours was fitted out as a family room, with a large double and two singles. This left little room for luggage, but there was plenty of empty space with just the two of us staying. The main lodge building had a bar area, an open deck and a comfortable dining room.

The track down to the main road is rough and a bit bumpy, causing the few kilometres to take about 30 minutes in either direction. With it then being about the same time to make it into the middle of Mikumi National Park to get to the park gates, time within the park is sadly lost by this transfer being quite long. It's not nice to have to make it up the bumpy road after a long day of safari in the park.

The park is pretty good, though. We saw plenty of game and good variety with good views, even with only a few hours in the park. There is plenty of opportunity for lion, elephant, giraffe and zebra, as well as all the smaller antelopes and predators.

I'm giving Mikumi a sold seven. It's not quite an eight because of the distance to the park gate and the quality of the track up to the camp. The park, however, is excellent as a single or two-day destination.