Friday 2 June 2023

Tapas - Episodic Publishing Logo

I've been reading stuff on for more than a year now, initially because that's the main place to see the latest episode of Heartstopper. Once there, I found plenty of other stuff to read my way through and I'm now hooked on "Through My Eyes" and "Soft Touch" among many others both novels and comics.

I'm not entirely sure that my work will work well in an episodic form that goes with such a sight, but I'm giving it a go and the first chapter of "Out of My Shell" is going online in the next couple of days.

I'm taking a slightly different route than the one normally used on the Tapas site. I'm going to publish a chapter every week, but they are all going to be free to read, always. Anybody who wants to read ahead or support me can simply go to Amazon and get the Kindle or printed versions that will be available right from the start. To that end, there's a new link in the menu above, that will always have my up-to-date list of published novels on Amazon.

Let's see how this hybrid model of publishing and promotion works out.