Sunday 5 July 2020

Final Previews and Versions

I had a busy morning uploading the final text for the new book today. There were, once again, many more errors and corrections to be made. I changed a few sentences to read better and have now fixed as many corrections as I could find in a couple of readings

As I mentioned before, I was conscious of the inevitable high price that a book with images in it was going to have. Distribution through is a bit convoluted and they have minimum pricing that assures a fixed percentage to the channel retailers. Clearly, it can be much better for me to sell either directly from a local outlet, or directly through lulu as an on-demand thing, but I like the idea of having my books available to everyone.

Sadly, the final retail price of the illustrated book is going to be £34.40. I have, therefore, also made a text-only version that I'm also waiting for a final proof copy of. This will retail for a more reasonable £16.40. Both version should be available in about two weeks.

As soon as I get that sorted out, I'll push a copy out to the e-book channels as well, for as low a price as possible.

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